Lynn - a grayscale photo of a long-haired woman in a black crewneck. In the background is a birch cart shelving unit with a rubber plant on top.

About the developer

I'm a biology & psychology grad with a day job in public insurance services, but I dream of finding a home in tech where I can contribute to building ethically and environmentally responsible resources for collective support.

I love oat lattes, minimalism, pair programming with @mvllow, and exploring personal disciplines. Some of these at the moment include sustainable living, vegan ethics, balcony gardening, car-free travel, and daily yoga practice.

Please feel welcome to reach out through Mastodon  or email .



She / her


Libianca // People


  • Sun in Cancer
  • Moon in Leo
  • Scorpio Rising


Valentina Pinzuti // Di cenere e ombra

( @oat )

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